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1. How do I get back to the Booking Page?

Click on the LOGO
Using our 'home', will take you back to our Main website,

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2. How do I set up an internet account?

Start by clicking "LOG IN" from the top right and follow the on screen instructions.
Please pay careful attention to your email address as this can only be used once and if entered a second time, it will not accept the same email address. Ensure you note your password as this is case sensitive.
If you think you have entered the wrong email address, please send an email to to have this corrected BEFORE you proceed.
Once complete, you will see the left hand LOG IN change to LOG OUT.

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3. My Email Address is already in use (or Password Reset)

You have already registered an EXACT email address with us. You can either use a different email address or request a PASSWORD RESET.
Please ensure you have your email address in the EMAIL section and then press "Click here if you have forgotten your password" which will then be sent to your registered email address.
NOTE: For tablet devices, if you copy your password, a blank space is added onto the end of the password, so please type in each character.
For security purposes, please change this as soon as you are able.

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4. What is the "Departing From" search?

We have introduced the abilty to search for your pickup in an area so you can select an area that includes your rough location. These are selectable from the drop down box and will only give you tours that have your pick up in. If your pickup is not listed, then there are no tours avaialble with your pick up choice.

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5. What does "Please Call" mean

This appears instead of "TROLLEY" when either there are no seats avaiable on a coach, no accommodation or requirement at the resort or in the event of a tour in the process of being cancelled. This give you the opportunity to call and discuss options or be placed on a waiting list for your chosen tour.

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6. My pick up point is not listed?

There are a number of reasons why this may be the case.
1: The filter only lists the first 25 pick ups closest to your postcode. Click 'Clear Filter' to list all our pick up points.

2: Limited pick up points. This is the complete list available for your chosen departure.

3: Due to operational reasons, the pick up is not available. After we work out particular routes, these may be the only pick up points that are available.

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7. I cannot find my pick up point

All our pick up points are listed Alphabetically. If you cannot find it, press your CTRL & F button, which will bring up a search window. Type 1 word from your pick up, EG, Holly and allow the search facility to find it for you.
We have now introduced a filter based on your postcode. Click on filter and it will reveal the closest 5 pick up points to your home address.

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8. Where can I find a list of pick up points?

A list of operative pickups will be available on a particular tour/break or from our current brochure.
NB: Not all tours utilse all operative pick ups, please see each departure which lists the ones available

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9. How much Deposit do I have to pay?

Deposits are FROM: £65 per person for British and Continental Tours; £99 per person for London Theatre Breaks; £200 for Grand Prix, Disney & Flight tours. The full balance is payable 8 - 10 weeks before departure;
* Plus insurance if required

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10. Can I book specific seats?

No. You can request a specific seat and we will do our utmost to grant your seating request, but we do reserve the right to alter seat allocation dependant on coach size and numbers travelling or in the case of combining tours. If your seats are not together, we will inform you as soon as we are able.
For web bookings, seats are allocated on a seat availability basis and we cannot guarantee that they will be together, though we will do our utmost to arrange seats in office hours. However, normal booking terms and conditions will still apply in regards to cancellation due to seating configuration.

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11. When will I get confirmation of my booking?

You will receive a provisional notification (This is not a Confirmation of Booking) instantly if you book online followed by an emailed Confirmation during office hours or within 7 days if you ring one of our offices. 7 days before you travel, you will receive your travel tickets & luggage labels by post.
Please remember to check ALL DETAILS on your confirmation as we do charge an administration charge for any changes after we send your travel ticket.
If you do NOT receive an email, check your "Junk / Spam" email and be sure to add to your address book. Also, please check in your account that you have spelt your email address correctly!
Some clients will not accept attachments.

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12. Can I pay my balance online?

If you made your booking online, then you can pay online by logging into your account and selecting your departure and "Pay Balance". You do not need to pay the full amount at this stage, but full payment must be made 56 days prior to your departure.
If you made your reservation through our offices, then you cannot make a payment online.

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13. I am not able to view the insurance or confirmation even though I have Adobe?

Most PDF will now open in your Web Browser. However, some clients have their security settings at too high a level to accept our emails, or others with email attachments.
We recommend you add us to your address book to accept these emails.

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14. What are "Events" and "LIVE!"?

Events are Special Events, such as a Stadium tour or an event that is not a concert or show.
LIVE! tours are Concerts or shows

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15. What is my luggage allowance?

A maximum weight of 18kg per case is allowed. We recommend 1 plastic type suitcase of medium size per person. Please pack a separate bag if your Tour includes overnight stops.

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16. Will you send me a reminder when my balance is due?

No. Your Balance Due Date is printed on your Confirmation and Invoice and you must log in to your account or ring us to pay the balance. If you pay by a credit card, you will have to give us your details again as we do NOT keep credit card details on file.
However, if we find an overdue balance, we may call to advise of late payment.

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17. How can I find out "How much will my holiday cost"?

If you click on "Book now", this will give you a guide price to the cost of your holiday or daytrip. This does not include any single supplements, additional costs or discounts.

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18. Do you have Car Park facilities at your Offices?

Yes, we offer secure car parking. Our depots in Llantrisant and Llansamlet in Swansea are monitored by CCTV. Please state at time of booking if you require this facility as car parking space is limited and may be chargeable.

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19. What is "Direct Route"

On these tours, we don't use a "Feeder" system, we have 1 coach which will pick up all passengers and possibly transfer to a main coach or be the main coach itself.

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20. Can I take a wheelchair/walking frame/Motorised scooter?

As long as it is a non mechanical chair, then yes but spaces are strictly limited and you MUST inform the reservation staff at the time of booking.
For all mechanical chairs/scooters, you must be Registered Disabled and provide us with your badge number when making this request and these must be flat packed and you must also be able to carry them and be able to load these onto the coach yourself.
Our drivers are duty bound to reserve the right to refuse to lift these without your help.
If you have NOT clearly requested on your booking to bring your scooter, our drivers have been instructed to refuse to place them on the vehicle. No refund or compensation is payable if you do not adhere to this condition and your scooter can be left at your pick up point.

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21. Are there any extra costs?

Generally, no, however:-
Flight Tours - We can be charged different fares for flights depending on when booked and often charged at different supplements.
Optional Tours - These can often be booked in resort and are clearly marked in our brochure.
You are advised to ring our office for clarification or see the relevant page of our brochure.

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22. Red Dragon Tours

A number of our tours show "Red Dragon Tour". Please be sure to select the correct date which displays this on the relevant departure Date.
Red Dragon Tour denotes a tour travelling on one of our "Red Dragon Coaches".

Spoil yourself with our Red Dragon Tours. Experience the luxury on board our unique Red Dragon tours. If you are celebrating an anniversary or just after something special, join us aboard one of our unique collection of hand-picked holiday experiences. These are all designed with comfort and convenience in mind along with ample leg room, climate control, individual reading lights and personal tables.

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23. Can we still travel to Europe?

Yes, but there are stricter guidlines
Please follow this link
Or click on the link in the Links below

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24. Passport Advice

The United Kingdom is no longer a part of the European Union (EU) therefore you are required to carry a full British 10-year passport (or five-year child passport if you are under 16 and not on a parent's passport) every time you travel to Europe. This includes day trips and travel by Eurostar and you must have your passport for checking at relevant border / immigration control when you leave & return to the UK.

When does your passport expire?
You may need to renew your British passport earlier if you’re travelling to an EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland.

On the day you travel, you’ll need your passport to both:
- have at least 6 months validity left
- be less than 10 years old (even if it has 6 months or more left)
These rules do not apply to travel to Ireland. You can continue to use your passport as long as it’s valid for the length of your stay.

Useful Advice
Before you leave, make sure that:
* you have filled in details of your next of kin on the last page of your passport
* you have noted down your passport number and its date of issue and have put these details in a safe place, separate from your passport
* you have made a photocopy of your passport details page (usually inside the back cover) and left it with a friend
* you take one other form of photo ID with you
* any children who are travelling on your passport will still be under 16 by the end of your journey (if not, they will need their own passport - a child passport if they are under 16 at the start of their travels and an adult one if they will be 16 before they set out).

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25. Do you sell Gift Vouchers?

Yes, Holiday Gift Vouchers are available in denominations of £10, £25 & £50 and can be redeemed against any of our tours. Please ring our offices to purchase. (These are NOT available online)

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26. Where is your Privacy Policy

Please click on "Privacy Policy" link at the bottom of this webpage

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27. Do you have a Health & Safety Policy?

Yes. Either copy this link
or see Links below :-

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Can I Travel to Europe -

Yes, please click HERE


Do you have a Health & Safety Policy -

Yes please click HERE

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